The Elven people came to Mernalt from far across the Aventine Ocean. After landing on the Varnaal Peninsula they founded Seran Caelthas (The Kindled Star), which would grow from a small kingdom into an empire that controlled all the peoples of the Ailin Sea. While much of this territory is no longer under imperial rule the Elven people still take pride in their accomplishments and many wish to restore Seran Caelthas to its former glories
The Elves are a patient people who prioritize long term success over instant gratification. They have long memories and do not fail to reward their friends and punish their enemies. Elves are often thought to be a calm and even tempered people but this is only because they rarely experience something that they have not experienced before. When an elf is faced with something that surpasses their previous experiences they can be incredibly passionate and emotional

The Immortals by Tzegd the Wanderer, Goblin Scholar

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Strange rumors abound about the strange peoples who have come to rule much of the lands to the south. Raptoran traders and travellers from the south have produced a number of outlandish claims that they do not eat or sleep and do not experience death. This rumor of their immortality has caused great commotion among the priesthood of the Panphiate, especially those who venerate great Wee Jas. In order to put this matter to rest I led a delegation to the land of the “elv”, and have found that while these rumors of immortality are unfounded the reality of the “elv” raise far more troubling questions.
p. First let me address many of the rumors about these “elv”. I witnessed them eat on many occasions, though they ate very little and I found that my hunger was rarely sated by their food. While It is true that that they do not sleep, It is instead their custom to instead spend around four hours each night in a state of intense focus, which they call a “kaima”. It seems that while the elves do occasionally experience visions during the kaima, such a thing is rare, and they have not yet learned how to correctly interpret these divine messages.
p. What is most curious about the elves is that they seem to have no gods. I saw no priests or temples among them, while there were some who were capable of magic they did so by reciting strange words from books. When I asked the elv about why they had no gods they grew confused and upset. Many believed I was talking about a strange creature called a drakin.

I was told by an old elv, who they referred to as a winter-father, that the elves came to Mernalt fleeing the drakin, who are huge creatures that liv


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